Corporate payment card is adaptive management of funds and necessary attribute of modern business.

The Ukrainian Professional Bank offers a modern payment instrument - corporate payment card “UkrKart” and “Visa International” that will free you and your enterprise from superfluous difficulties with calculations on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

For enterprises favourable service is inculcated: 

  • opening a current accounts - free of charge; 
  • absence of the subscriber charges for settlement and cash services; 
  • connecting to the Internet-Client Bank System and service during the first month - free of charge; 
  • opening of corporate card account - free of charge; 


Corporate card holders in behalf and by the enterprise account can carry out following operations in an available and cashless form: 


in national currency within the limits of Ukraine: 

  • Various expenses incidental to statutory, manufacturing, economic activity of enterprise (settlements with suppliers and contractors, payment of commodities and services) 
  • Business trip expenses (hotel payment, auto rental, order of tickets) and also representative expenses (shops and restaurants). 
  • Private entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get the net income. 


in foreign currency:

  • To conduct calculations in a cashless form, related to business trips and representative expenses, and also to get cash outside Ukraine. 
  • Receipt of funds in due order in a cash desk of the bank on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Operating costs payment of using motor transport, sea and air means of transportation outside Ukraine.
  • Verbal declaration of card without pointing out on amount of invested assets



  • There is no need to get monetary funds on travel expenses and economic needs from a cheque book that will allow you economize, because withdrawal of cash from corporate card makes 0, 6% commitment fees.
  • Time-saving and work-easing of the accounting staff and cash desk of the enterprise on the basis and sum paid out on account.
  • Every operation with the use of a card is accompanied by a check that will allow holders to report back to accounting staff on amount expended compared them with bank statements by executed operations.
  • A corporate card account is opened in UAH, US dollars and EUR
  • It is possible to connect to one card account unlimited number of corporate payment cards and set on each of them individual limits on funds withdrawal.
  • A corporate account is the specified account that always with you; this allows getting cash by means of corporate payment card in the wide ATM network twenty-four-hour.
  • A cost cutout is guaranteed even with a loss or theft of your card! A card is blocked by the phone call of holder of account at any time of day. The bank will provide urgent payment of cash during 1-2 days or receipting of new card. It is not necessary to take all cash with you; it is simpler and safer to take a plastic card only.

Having a current account in the bank for corporate card registration, it is enough to fill an application and agreement for opening a card account, to sign a questionnaire and inform a tax inspection about opening. A card will be given out during five working days.


Account enrolment and topping up an account are carried out: