The Ukrainian Professional Bank renders the following services of foreign exchange operations: 

• Opening and conducting of currency and multicurrency accounts 
• Currency conversion; 
• Money transfers in behalf on other recipients or at their directions; 
• Granting of certificates and other written documents; 
• Reception of NBU registration certificate on contracting of loan in foreign currency from non-residents; 
• Purchase and sale; 
• Corporate payment cards; 
• Currency purchase for business trips; 
• Account service of non-resident investors. 


UPB offers to customers:

  * The development of individual schemes to optimize your costs
  * Most convenient scheme for International Settlements in export-import operations
  * Methodical assistance in the preparation of foreign trade contracts
  * Choice of exchange rate (at the commercial rate of the bank, at the rate specified by the client (issue a warrant application)
  * The existence of a wide network of correspondents and the application of the international financial system channels Telecommunications SWIFT provides high speed

Basic conditions regarding operations in foreign currency: 

• Total costs related to registration of cheques, will be written off from recipients’ account (beneficiary) unless otherwise provided by payment orders; 
Other extra expenditures which are not included in this tariff, such as telephone, telefax, telegraph, telex charges, stamp duties, message transfer charges, postage expenses and also correspondent charges will be collected in any single case separately. 
• In case if execution of order involves extraordinary work the bank has the right to collect extra costs. 
• In case of need minimum and maximal charges are indicated in the US dollars, will be converted in other foreign currencies on the Current Foreign Exchange Rates on the day of conducting of operation. 
• Payment documents entering to the bank to 15-00 are executed by value date by a current working day, in other case by value date of next working day. 
• Commission tariffs can be set separately for each client by mutual approval of both parties. Agreed commission tariffs are documented in the form of agreed tariffs card by standard piece. 

Tariffs on foreign currency transactions are available in Ukrainian language only.


Tariffs for 10/04/2015