You can save your money and family valuable items with an aid of individual safe boxes at the Ukrainian Professional Bank.


Also, UPB offers to its customers individual safe boxes for two keys.

Now you can abandon your place for a long period of time without having to worry. The UPB gives you an opportunity to use individual safe box service. The Ukrainian Professional Bank guarantees absolute safety of your valuable items since it is one of the most reliable banks of Ukraine. 

  • Individual safe boxes can be accessed by you only. 
  • The safe boxes are effectively protected and kept under security 24 hours a day. 
  • You will be the only person, who knows, what is contained on the safe box. 
  • You can take out your valuable items within the specified working time. 

A safe box for two keys is a new unique proposition from the UPB. This safe box is designed for two owners, who cannot open it and use its content without each other. This kind of safekeeping is rather convenient while conducting joint financial operations to have confidence in funds security. The UPB is one of a few banks offering such service. Safe boxes for two keys are located in the UPB's Head Office. 

The Agreement on safekeeping is concluded for a period of two weeks and over.



Tariffs for services for individuals from 05/05/2015