Use Internet Bank
Make payments
from anywhere in the world
Access to information
of account 24 hours
Import and export data in
your accounting system
  • Which allows the system Internet-Client-Bank?
    1. Receive account statements in national and foreign currency;
    2. Make payments in national currency;
    3. Receive daily exchange rates of the NBU;
    4. Exchange information letters with the Bank;
    5. Work with documents stored in the database of the Bank, while several members of the Client, regardless of their location;
    6. Import and export information into the accounting system of the Client, using the files imports and exports;
    7. Print electronic payment instructions and information received from the Bank.
  • How can I connect to the Internet-Client-Bank?
  • Technical means necessary for the client to work with the system of the Internet Bank
  • How is protected system Internet-Client-Bank?