The Ukrainian Professional Bank proposes service on payment of wages, compensations, travel expenses, crediting to a special accounts by means of the payment cards emitted by the Ukrainian Professional Bank.

Advantages for the Enterprise 

The functions of accountancy are taken to registration of register and draft on the total amount of payments to the employees; 

  • All operations on crediting salary are carrying out by the bank; 
  • The process of salary payment and chart calculation are simplified with employees; 
  • The expenses related to the receipt of cash in banks are shortened; 
  • The problem of collection and limit of cash desk are disappears; 
  • Expenses, related to maintenance state of cashiers, security guard of cash desks, transporting and depositing funds are shortened; 
  • Possibility of crediting of employees of organization. At the delay of payment of wages the employees of your enterprise can make use of credit that automatically paid off at payroll calculation; 
  • The bank guarantees confidentiality of payment a wages for the different categories of employees. 

Advantages for employees:

  • Now it is not needed to go to branches and to queue up for receipting of a salary, advance payments and other payments by a card; even being in a hospital or in other city or country, you have a twenty-four-hour access to the monetary resources you have on a card account, by means of a card; 
  • Receipting of funds at any convenient time for you; 
  • Salary card can be used both for the receipt of cash through ATMs and for payment of commodities, works, distributing services in Ukraine and abroad; 
  • You do not need to pay a commission for the cash withdrawal in the system of the bank and the "UkrKart", and also at payment of commodities or services in a trade network "Strana"; 
  • Card owners can pay community charges; 
  • Possibility to draw up an additional card for family members at reduced fare; 
  • By means of SMS-service you can get information on every movement on your account, and also block and unblock a plastic card. 
  • Your money works every day! A salary card gives an opportunity of using a card account as a method of accumulation of funds with calculation of interest on the amount of balance - 3% annual; 
  • You can top up your card salary by your personal funds; 
  • A salary gives an opportunity to use a banking accommodation (an overdraft) by preferential terms (; 
  • A card statement of transactions will help you to manage effectively by your own money resources; this statement is given at the wish of client. 
  • Loss of card does not mean loss of money, card will be blocked |( free of charge) and your funds will be safe if you notify bank immediately. In case of loss of card the bank will issue for you a new one or pay a balance on card account.