Easily work online from your account.
Lucrative interest rates with comfortable conditions for you. UPB guarantees safety and increase your funds.
With convenient rates from UPB your daily calculations become easier and instantaneous.
Realize your dreams with the UPB: get a loan for the purchase of any goods and services, invest in real estate.
UPB opens all border remittances. From now on, your money can travel to any destination in Ukraine and the world.
If you need to quickly register a payment card that operates in Ukraine and abroad, or get more money at the expense of a higher interest rate on the balance, the UPB will help you with this.
Cells of different sizes, for a family under the two keys or one of the owner, are waiting for storing your valuables in the UPB.
You can buy, exchange or sell currency at UPB under favorable conditions and with high security guarantees.
Fine gold and silver coins can be a good gift on par with the other works of art.
Purchase of precious metals in the BPA will provide reliable inputs for your money.

The work of individual business of UPB bases not only on experienced staff, prompt exchange of information, additional services to customers and the ability to make quick and effective decisions. It is also the result of the desire for understanding and the search for mutually beneficial cooperation. Providing a flexible policy and showing a willingness to provide a full range of banking services, UPB creates a new dimension to customer service!