Ukrainian Professional Bank - a bank with 100% Ukrainian capital.

95.39023 % of stocks belongs to “UIFA ltd”. Legal address of “UIFA ltd”: 15 M. Raskovoi Street, office 706, Kiev, 02660.

Detail information of the issuer

Ukrainian Professional Bank

The Bank has the ability to make operational decisions without coordination with the parent structure provides flexibility and the ability to offer customers individual conditions. Bank understands the realities of Ukrainian business and understands how to work in such conditions.

  • Fast reaction to your inquiries
  • Personalize conditions

For 23 years UPB improved banking services in different conditions. So far the bank staff can solve any problem.


Provide advice on money management effectively
Common issues of business development vyhodchy the experience of others.

UPB has NBU license for all types of banking services for businesses and individuals, allowing to propose comprehensive service to customers.


All services in one place – is simple and fast.
Use just what you need.

UPB has a reliability rating uaA +, indicating that the Bank is able to meet its financial obligations to depositors.


Performance of the contract on time and in full - your money is safely invested and are on terms that benefit you.

UPB aims to mutually beneficial cooperation and sharing of client growth, therefore offers individual conditions and continued support.


Choose tariffs that benefit you.

Ukrainian Professional Bank always honest with their customers and demonstrates effective interest rates, transparent rates with no hidden fees.


You can safely plan and count their cash flows without reservation of additional unexpected Commission.